We provide special units.
We provide an international net-work of security professionals for worldwide security and asset protection operations.
We provide all kinds of operations for clients within the understanding of threats, needs and situations.

All operations are carried out to our highest discretion and ability.
Our honourable staff and contractors are highly skilled and motivated at all levels of security and protection combined with our local understanding for best possible results.

Our staff have obtained,
extensive experience from military, police and military special forces.
In a world of terror, threats and fear, people desperately need protection and safety.
We provide a international network of security professionals for worldwide operations.
We provide the best of the best with extensive international experience and local understanding.

The Special Unit is unique through central management. The reason is that we want to maintain an extremely high quality by educating and training the teams together and take advantage of the small organisations gathered competence and secrecy

We offer you the possibility to be an exclusive client along with a discrete and active security partner that works to prevent very cost full losses because of incidents based on threats, negligence, fire, theft, information loss or other disturbances to your person.

Once again we elucidate that we work with qualified security operators where our quality,
competence, experience and willing will come in to play.

We work very close
to our customerís present activity to give the best possible results. We are simply professionals.

These services demands the highest
confidence and we offer a personal customer related security system. Use us for your best protection!
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